Is Your Agent Connected?

As your local Shavano Park real estate expert, it is my job to stay on top of the market and technology  in order to find better ways to access more deals and opportunities for my clients as well as creating more effective marketing channels for my listings.  Five years ago, I had vision to connect active real estate agents and brokers together in one place so that they could share information and ultimately close more deals.  My idea was simple.  Agents and Brokers needed to communicate and I wanted to make that happen.  What started out as a vision, turned into a business plan and later turned in to a website.  That website was unsuccessful because the network was too advanced for its time.

Fast forward 4 years to last September, 2013.  I decided the idea needed to be brought back to life and on that day I founded Broker Underground.  The Broker Underground is a real estate marketing network in which active agents and brokers share information about listings, industry information and vendor recommendations.  More importantly real estate agents are working together and in doing so are raising the bar.  Our members are able to share their buyer needs and off-market, pocket and preMLS listings with other active professionals.  In today’s very competitive market, the Broker Underground is changing the real estate game.

As a client, you have a true advantage working with me and my team.  We are connected through this network to thousands of agents and brokers all over Texas.  This helps us find more deals and opportunities for our clients.  This also provides an incredibly valuable marketing channel through which we are able to push our listings through non traditional, yet very effective marketing channels.  You are no longer confined to the constraints of MLS and while we still use MLS on a daily basis we have created new technology that is more much more efficient and effective.

If you would like to learn more about the Broker Underground or how my association with the Broker Underground is a huge value add to buying or selling homes in Shavano Park , contact me at (210) 816-3506.

Sep. 1